LuMin Brand Identity

The Visual Identity for LuMin:
Lutheran Campus Ministry- ELCA

presented by Brandon Wade

Like most businesses, churches and organizations, the Lutheran Campus Ministry Network would benefit from a picture logo to identify ourselves in outgoing communications: on paper, shirts, signs, online, etc. In an effort to find some imagery that accurately portrays our community, we began to explore a proper and professional visual identity. This would include a logo, font and color scheme.

As the Lutheran Campus Ministry Network community, we wanted our visual identity to be accessible to those who are touched by our ministry, as well as those who are outside of our community. The goal was that it would seem familiar and in line with our mission and ministry. Ideally, any visual imagery would feel like us or explain us before one ever meets us or experiences our ministry. It seemed fitting for this network to have a clean, timeless look; one that is accessible to different ages and cultural backgrounds.

Like other religious groups on campus (for example: the Newman Center, UKirk, InterVarsity, CRU, FCA) our goal was to create an international identity that starts to build a greater cohesive message to our community for our purpose: “Act Justly, Love Mercy, and Walk Humbly with God.”

We present: LuMin.

This word mashup of “Lutheran” and “Ministry” also evokes the “Lumen” or “Light” connotation. It sends the message of the “light in the darkness” or “guiding light” LuMin is here to portray to students and others within the academic community.

I have developed a mark that is both simple and uniquely us. We serve people from all directions and walks of life, and this brandmark is designed around the concept of a hub, intersection or highway cloverleaf. The cross seeks to portray our Christ-centered nature in a focused, yet subtle way. Rounded corners visually describe our inclusive and welcoming spirit. The colors used are inspired by our church liturgical colors. These bold tones provide a welcoming, fresh, and vibrant spirit while tipping our hat to our traditional stained glassed roots.

The typeface has been developed to strike a balance between contemporary and classic; professional and personal. We included the ELCA denomination in the logotype since “Lutheran” can refer to other denominations such as the Missouri or Wisconsin Synods.

We will begin to see these images, fonts and colors used across the many points of contact you have with LuMin over the upcoming weeks and months. We hope you love the new images and that they quickly become part of the background fabric of helping the Lutheran Campus Ministry Network feel like we are part of the greater body of Christ.

Brand Basics

These downloadable files and brand style guide are designed to set you up for success when using the LuMin brand for your community communication.

If you are a design novice, please note that EPS files are files that are used by professional designers and print presses to ensure the highest quality print. PNG files are files that you can use for social media or for designing within programs like Publisher, Word or Pages.

If you have any questions or need advise on how to best use these files, please don’t hesitate to ask the designer Brandon Wade at Preme Brands.