LuMin: Frequently Asked Questions

What is LuMin? – LuMin is the new term for the Lutheran Campus Ministry Network (LCMNet).  The term LuMin was developed as part of a larger branding project, sponsored by LCMNet, that includes a new logo, website, newsletters, films and related materials.  The branding project was conducted in consultation with Preme Brands, a professional branding company, and was approved by the LCMNet Board of Directors for distribution.

Why do we need a “brand”? – It is hoped that LuMin will serve as a visible and consistent identifier of the campus ministry programs of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).  This will also help distinguish ELCA campus ministry programs from those conducted by other Lutheran denominations.

What’s the relationship between LCMNet and LuMin? – LCMNet is the association of the ELCA campus ministry programs that seek to be inclusive faith communities celebrating God’s love and grace on 240 college and university campuses throughout the country.  LuMin is the term we hope will become the common and unifying identifier of those campus ministry programs.

LuMin — what’s in a name? – The development of the LuMin name and logo is a gift from LCMNet that we hope will come to identify our many campus ministries under one umbrella.  Having an identity that is easily recognized will, over time, assist us in our visibility in the ELCA and on the college and university campuses we serve, enhance our fund-raising and friend-raising efforts, and strengthen our relationships with one another.

Will LuMin be a required name for all Lutheran Campus Ministry sites of the ELCA? – The LuMin name and logo are available to any ELCA campus ministry programs that would like to make use of them as part of their identifying material.  The LuMin name and logo can be used separately or together depending on the needs of the campus ministry site.  Individual sites will have the option of using the moniker (LuMin) or logo (block cross) in combination with their site name or location incorporated into the design using the same font and configuration.

What if a campus ministry site has an identifying name and logo already? – Campus ministry sites are free to continue using whatever branding materials best suit their needs.  It is our hope that they will consider incorporating the LuMin name and logo in some way as a national identifier, thus creating some continuity with other campus ministry programs in the ELCA.  We hope campus ministry sites that have never had a unique identifier will consider using the LuMin name and logo as a high-quality, easily customized way to establish one.

What about previous logos for LCM? – While campus ministry sites in the ELCA have used a variety of images to identify their programs in the past (LCM centennial logo, open book logo, ELCA globe, etc.), there has not been in recent history a single unifying name and image that was part of a broader branding project. 

What else will be available?

LuMin will be the identifier on all promotional materials produced by the Lutheran Campus Ministry Network.  Any videos, printed materials, promotional materials or signage produced by LCMNet will feature the LuMin name and logo.

If you have questions about the LuMin name or logo, or if you need additional information,
please contact Alicia Anderson at: ara2@PSU.edu.

For more information on our brand identity, visit this page.